Published on November 04, 2011

LMH Addressing Online Security Breach

On October 28, 2011, Lawrence Memorial Hospital learned that certain information maintained by Mid Continent Credit Services, Inc., d/b/a Blue Sky Credit, the hospital’s vendor for online patient bill-pay services, was inadvertently made publicly available on the Internet between September 20, 2011 and October 28, 2011. The information involved did not include any medical records, Social Security numbers, dates of birth, and was not released by the hospital.

The event occurred as a result of failed security measures on a website hosted by BrickWire LLC, which hosted the online patient bill-pay service on behalf of Mid Continent Credit Services. This event affects individuals who have made online payments and patients for whom online payments were made. Individuals who made online payments for Health Fairs may be affected as well. The following types of information may have been available, depending on what information was entered into the online payment system by the person making the payment:

  • Patient name, phone number, e-mail address, health care provider, payment amount, and date of payment;
  • Credit card information including the type of card, name and address of the card holder, the account number, the verification number, and the expiration date; OR
  • Checking account information including the check number, the account holder name and address, the checking account number, bank routing number, and the bank name and address.

Lawrence Memorial Hospital takes the privacy and security of individuals’ information very seriously. Upon discovery of the event, we immediately notified Mid Continent Credit Services, which coordinated with BrickWire to immediately disable the system and implement measures to disable access to the information. We are continuing to follow up with Mid Continent Credit Services regarding the event, and are currently in the process of arranging for a new online payment system. We will take any other measures determined to be necessary to prevent a similar event from occurring in the future.

Although we do not know whether any information was accessed, as a precaution, individuals who have made online payments and patients for whom online payments were made are being advised, in a letter, to be aware of any suspicious activity on their account statements and monitor their credit reports. Additionally, Mid Continent Credit Services has agreed to offer a free one-year credit monitoring subscription to affected individuals. For more information about credit monitoring contact: Ruben Chavez at Mid Continent Credit Services at 866-621-6400 or by emailing

Individuals with questions about this event should call Lawrence Memorial Hospital at 785-505-4945 or toll-free 800-749-4144 or contact us by e-mail You may also write to the hospital at 325 Maine St, Lawrence, Ks 66044, Attn: Privacy Officer.

We take the privacy and security of patient information very seriously and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused by this event.

LMH Addressing Online Security Breach

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