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Mario's Closet Opens in Lawrence

The Shot Heard Round The World x2

See Theo Hayes, 6News story.

Lawrence - Miami Heat forward Mario Chalmers was back in Lawrence on Friday for the ribbon cutting ceremony of Mario’s Closet. Mario’s Closet is a specialty shop inside the Lawrence Memorial Hospital that offers wigs, prosthetics, skin care products and other accessories for cancer patients.

The Mario Chalmers Foundation donated $25,000 to the hospital to create the shop. It will offer items at a reduced cost to some patients and is open Monday –Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Chalmers says the shop is inspired by his own experiences with cancer. “This is very close to me,” said Chalmers. “I had my best friend Paul Peterson’s mom died of breast cancer so this is very close to me and something we are doing in honor of her now.”

For many patients the shop is convenient. Kim Bohmann suffers from an auto-immune disease and lost her hair from chemotherapy. She says driving to Kansas City and/or Topeka for a wig is difficult.

“It’s hard being different and this helps in so many ways, you don’t have to drive to a different city where you don’t know people,” said Bohmann. “I can just come here and have my needs met.”

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