Published on March 07, 2011

Nutrition is YOUR Business

March is National Nutrition Month

Eat healthy. Nourish your body. Live an active lifestyle.

We have heard these phrases many times, but most Americans don’t seem to be listening. The latest dietary guidelines published by the USDA in January 2011 acknowledge that Americans are not exactly a healthy group, thanks in part to our physical inactivity and overeating.

We celebrate National Nutrition Month in March. The theme this year is ―Eat Right with Color, which en-courages people to include a colorful variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and dairy on their plates every day. In our busy lives, nutrition can be made easier by keeping seasonal fruits and vegetables (from our local producers if possible) the focus of our meals.

To make a nutrient-rich meal, fill half of your plate with fruit and/or vegetables, add one protein serving and one to three whole grain servings (depending on your energy needs). This equation creates a meal that is beautiful to look at, easy to prepare, and effortless to enjoy!

If you are not a fruit and vegetable person, perhaps this month you can try either a fruit or vegetable at each meal. Then gradually increase those servings to perhaps two per meal. There are many foods that are healthy for us and it is with a positive approach to eating that we recommend many delicious foods to enjoy, rather than those foods we should eat less.

To find fun Nutrition Month games (such as sudoku and word searches), as well as helpful nutrition information, please visit the American Dietetic Association website,

Nutrition is YOUR Business

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