Published on November 17, 2011

Open Letter to Those We Serve

Recently, we learned at Lawrence Memorial Hospital that a subcontractor of a vendor that we use had a security breach that potentially compromised the financial information of patients who used our online billing service. Immediately upon learning that this potential existed, LMH shut down access to our vendor’s service. We began to compile a list of individuals who had used the online bill paying service since its inception and proceeded to provide a complete and accurate picture as we knew it.

We made available individuals to answer any and all questions that might arise, as well as releasing a comprehensive press release explaining the situation. In addition, we complied with the regulatory requirements that govern such a situation, by reporting this to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

At LMH, accurate, quality healthcare, from the delivery of, to the payment for, is our utmost goal. In reviewing this situation that we took steps to correct immediately, we questioned carefully if there was anything that we could have done differently as an organization. The fact of the matter is, we don’t believe there was. The error that caused this situation was a vendor error, and the steps that we took preceding and following that, could not have changed the temporary situation.

We apologize to those we serve that this matter may have created concerns about the potential exposure of financial information. Any records that pertain to our patients, both medical and financial, that are at LMH are completely secure. The error by the former vendor is not indicative of the integrity LMH places on the information and the relationships we have with those we serve.

Should you have any specific questions about your account, we encourage you to contact us at 785-505-4945 or to contact me direct at 785-505-6130. We want to make sure that you have accurate information on this important matter.

Gene Meyer, President & CEO Lawrence Memorial Hospital

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Open Letter to Those We Serve