Published on March 07, 2011

Walk Kansas: Modeling Healthy Living in the Workplace

Contributed by Aynsley Anderson, Community Education

This is a special year for Walk Kansas as we celebrate 10 years of healthy living. Last year, Douglas County had 492 individuals participate in Walk Kansas. Of the 85 teams, over 83% (408 individuals) were from workplaces.

To encourage employers to support wellness, we are offering $2 off per participant to workplaces who pay for their employees to participate in Walk Kansas. Otherwise, the individual participant fee is $7, plus $2 for each additional family member living in the household.

How Walk Kansas Works: Co-workers, family members, friends, and neighbors form teams of six people during the 8-week challenge, March 13 - May 7, 2011. Each team chooses to work toward Challenge 1 or Challenge 2:

Challenge 1:
Each participant reaches the minimum goal for physical activity — 150 minutes of moderate/vigorous activity per week (this includes any aerobic activity, plus strength and flexibility exercises, such as yoga, tai-chi, or working with resistance bands or weights.) Collectively over 8 weeks, the team would walk 423 miles which is the distance across the state of Kansas. (Fifteen minutes of moderate or vigorous physical activity counts as one Walk Kansas mile.)

Challenge 2:
Each participant logs 6 hours of moderate/vigorous activity per week. Collectively over 8 weeks, the team would walk 1200 miles which is the distance around the perimeter of the state.
Participants log minutes of physical activity and fruits/vegetables consumed each day, and report these weekly to their team captain. Captains report team totals each week. Progress of all teams in Douglas County (and throughout Kansas) can be viewed at

For much more information on Walk Kansas, go to our website at, call 843-7058, or email or The registration deadline is March 7 (Late registrations will be accepted until 1pm on March 25).

Walk Kansas: Modeling Healthy Living in the Workplace

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