Published on May 31, 2012

LMH Therapy Services Introduces Sports Performance Training

Speed and Agility Training groups are forming now for athletes age 12-18, class sizes are limited. Starting this June, LMH Therapy Services will be offering youth athletes Sports Performance services. Participants can choose to join a group or train as an individual to enhance speed, agility and plyometric skills. This initial summer performance training session will be available for athletes age 12-18 and will kick-off training in the newly updated 3rd floor suite in the LMH 4th Street Health Plaza building.

Athletes will train with suspension trainers, resistance bands, weightedsleds, training ropes and medicine balls on a 15’ x 60’ padded field turf surface. Athletes are trained by qualified performance coaches that are Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists.

The summer session will feature small group sessions of athletes of similar age working with the performance coach on acceleration, cutting and jumping. High school athletes typically lift weights and run in the summer, but forget to spend specific time training speed, agility, and plyometric skills to enhance performance next season. Each challenging speed and agility session at LMH will compliment these programs without overworking the athlete.

Exclusively at LMH, each athlete is individually assessed by a Sports Physical Therapist. The athlete receives a comprehensive screening and analysis of posture, muscle imbalances, flexibility, balance and injury prone areas. Training goals and advice regarding injury prevention will be provided to the athlete as part of the assessment.

Speed and Agility Training groups are forming now and class sizes are limited. To register in the summer training program, call LMH Therapy Services (785) 505-2712. Individual and Team Training sessions are available as well.

SPEED & AGILITY TRAINING (Ages 12, 13, 14)

Group Sessions ……………………………………...$315 per person
16 sessions: 8 weeks, 2x/week, 50 minute sessions
Includes Individual Assessment ($75 value)
Males & Females: Monday and Wednesday—3:00 pm
Tuesday and Thursday—4:00 pm
SPEED & AGILITY TRAINING (Ages 15,16,17,18)
Acceleration/Reaction/Jump Training/Coordination
Group Sessions ………………………………….....$365 per person
Includes Individual Assessment ($75 value)
16 Sessions: 8 weeks, 2x/week, 60 minute sessions
Males: Monday and Wednesday—11:30 am or
Tuesday and Thursday—2:00 pm
Females: Monday and Wednesday—2:00 pm or
Tuesday and Thursday—11:30 am

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LMH Therapy Services Introduces Sports Performance Training