Published on May 22, 2013

Midwifery - It's Not Just Home Delivery Anymore

When most people think of midwives, they think of
rustic birth settings outside of hospital walls. They think
of lay people delivering babies and tearing sheets and
boiling water. However, Lawrence Memorial Hospital
is out to prove those stereotypes wrong. Midwifery has moved into the 21st century, and LMH is moving with it.

Jamie Thompson, APRN, CNM & Pam Pray, APRN, CNM

Pam Pray, a veteran 16 year registered nurse, has practiced in all areas of maternity care including the office setting, mother-baby, labor and delivery, nursery, and NICU. As a labor and delivery nurse she says she “fell in love with the delivery process,” and wanted to be able to take care of women throughout their pregnancies from their earliest visits all the way through the babies’ arrivals.

Pray graduated from Frontier School of Midwifery in 2005 and has been a certified nurse midwife ever since. “I’m   so excited Lawrence women have certified midwifery as  an option” she says. “Lawrence has a higher home birth population than average, and we are proud to our patients, who prefer a non-invasive birth, have that option in a hospital setting where they can have a great support team beside them.” 

Jaime Thompson an ob/gyn RN since 2006, graduated from Frontier School of Midwifery and Family Nursing in 2011. Originally a pre-med student, Thompson switched to an obstetrics nursing track when she was pregnant with her first child. “I knew I wanted to focus on childbirth as a natural process, and I learned a lot about midwives while I was pregnant.”

Like many people, Thompson knew little of midwifery
at the onset of her pregnancy, but found herself drawn to the notion that childbirth is a natural process and through that research discovered that her beliefs and experience aligned with the midwife philosophy. Thompson is very invested in patient education. She wants the public to understand that choosing a certified nurse midwife does not exclude the possibility of an epidural or a hospital birth. She believes in being proactive and helping women have the healthiest possible pregnancies and babies.

Linda Easum, director of Lawrence OB-GYN Specialists, says she is “very excited our patients have the choice of a midwife or a physician in Lawrence. Midwifery offers a valuable and satisfying benefit for our patients and their families in the area. We are fortunate at LMH and Lawrence OB-GYN Specialists to have two very talented
and caring certified midwives as a part of our practice.”

Also, 21st century midwifery is not just delivering babies!  The certified midwives at LMH focus on well women's health throughout their life not just during childbearing years. They are committed to helping all women stay healthy and make good choices. In fact you could say, these well rounded midwives, in conjunction with our caring ob/gyn physicians, are here for you "in sickness and in health"! 

—Megan Green Stuke

Midwifery - It's Not Just Home Delivery Anymore

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