Published on September 02, 2014

Get an Award for Being a PAL

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Written by Aynsley Anderson, RN  

Now that autumn is almost here, vacations are over, and cooler temperatures will arrive soon, many people’s thoughts turn to being outdoors and more active. Are you looking for a fun and motivating way to keep your family and yourself active? Participate in the President's Challenge.
With over 2/3 of Americans being overweight or obese, being as active as one can be is one of the many important steps to take towards decreasing the prevalence of this condition that can lead to a host of chronic diseases and lifestyle limitations.

Presidential Active Lifestyle Award logo

Adding more activity to your daily life can be easy and fun; plus you can earn an award for being active. To earn your Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA), all you need to do is document your active exercise each day, with the goal being 60 minutes/day for children and 30 minutes/day for adults, 5 days a week, for six weeks. This amount of daily exercise is in line with the minimum recommended activity amounts from the Centers for Disease Control (

To join the President’s Active Lifestyle Program:
1. Make the commitment (this can be a family or team effort).

2. Enroll yourself, your family or your team at

3. Log your activity

4. Earn your award

With over 100 activities to choose from, there's something for everyone! Record your activities and track your progress. You can even compare your progress with others around the country who are also taking the President's Challenge.
For those wishing to participate in a different or additional activity incentive program, watch for enrollment announcements for WALK-tober 2014 coming soon!

Get an Award for Being a PAL

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