Hearts of Gold Ball funding upgrades to inpatient rehab units

By Margo Bogossia, LMH Endowment Association

 April 29, 2014

    4th floor staff photo

    Renovations within the hospital not only improve facilities, they also increase the satisfaction of patients, their families and hospital staff. Some of the LMH associates who work on the fourth floor are Tiew Clippinger, Clifton Sims, Terri Kaiser, Pamela Wingert and Barb Hermreck.

    Lawrence Memorial Hospital recently was named one of the nation’s 100 Top Hospitals by Truven Health Analytics. This is the second year in a row that LMH received the honor. Truven Health Analytics conducts research studies, such as the 100 Top Hospitals study, with the goal of improving the cost and quality of health care. 
    A result of receiving this honor is that the community expects a higher quality of care from LMH. LMH is able to improve patient care because of support from the community.

    One way that the community has helped support these improvements to LMH is through renovations, partially funded by the LMH Endowment Association’s biannual Hearts of Gold Ball.

    Every other year a different area of the hospital is chosen to benefit from the Hearts of Gold Ball. The 2012 gala raised $350,000 to help finance renovations of the hospital’s 2-North medical unit, where many critically ill patients are treated.

    Renovations within the hospital not only improve facilities but also increase the satisfaction of patients, their families and the hospital staff. The second floor has seen this effect since its renovation. “Hearts of Gold impacted the unit incredibly,” says Deborah Rector, director of 2-North. “It is so meaningful for our patients to have a private, therapeutic area where they can rest and heal and can have peaceful moments with their families.”

    It is hoped this year’s Hearts of Gold Ball will have the same impact on the fourth floor, the designated beneficiary. The fourth floor is home to two important hospital programs: the acute rehabilitation unit and the transitional care unit, which also is known as skilled nursing. Both focus on patient rehabilitation.

    Planned renovations for the fourth floor will include transforming patient rooms to private rooms, moving the dining room and ensuring it has a more home-like atmosphere, and constructing a new family- and patient-gathering area.

    Teresa Kaiser, the fourth floor director, said, “The renovation of the fourth floor will help fulfill the community’s expectations for a Top 100 Hospital, and this much-needed upgrade is an investment in the future. If fourth floor receives these needed renovations, both the ARU and TCU programs will better serve patients’ needs in an environment that enhances their comfort, privacy and convenience.”

    The 2014 Hearts of Gold Ball is May 10 at the Lawrence Journal-World’s former press building on the 600 block of New Hampshire Street. The theme, “Press On,” is a nod to the ball’s location and reminds the community of the mindset that fourth floor patients must have to persevere as they rehabilitate and heal. Last year, patients spent a total of 6,256 days pressing on toward rehabilitation.

    Kathy Clausing-Willis, LMH vice president and chief development officer, said, “We provide world-class care on the fourth floor. We just need the facilities to be able to improve the patient experience.”

    Linda Robinson, a co-chair of this year’s fundraising event, said, “The Hearts of Gold Ball is a special way to spend a magical evening of fun and food with friends and colleagues, but more importantly it is a way to help LMH. The proceeds help to enhance and improve upon the services and facilities available to our community.”

    To support the renovation of the fourth floor and help LMH maintain its status as one of the Truven Health 100 Top Hospitals, contact Tracy Davidson, development specialist at the LMH Endowment Association, at 505-3318 or tracy.davidson@lmh.org, or visit lmhendowment.org.

    • Margo Bogossian, a Kansas University senior, is an intern for the LMH Endowment Association.

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    Hearts of Gold Ball funding upgrades to inpatient rehab units

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