Published on October 25, 2017

LMH poised to buy 20-acre site for outpatient facility

Lawrence Memorial Hospital is taking steps to build a proposed outpatient facility in west Lawrence after the LMH Board of Trustees voted to direct staff to negotiate an agreement to purchase a 20-acre site directly south of Rock Chalk Park.

The plan is to construct a new state-of-the-art outpatient center with a strong focus on orthopedic and sports medicine, including surgical capabilities and a full outpatient therapy area for traditional and sports-oriented services. It also will emphasize convenience for patients and their families who need access to other outpatient services including an imaging center, as well as space for a large primary care clinic and specialty physician offices. The center potentially could accommodate other services, and planning already is underway to determine the best mix.

Since completion of the LMH strategic plan, Destination

Russ Johnson height=

Russ Johnson, CEO

Health, the Board has been discussing acquisition of land in west Lawrence and creation of a facility plan. The concept of a regional orthopedic and sports medicine center of excellence is the outcome of the recently announced affiliation between LMH and OrthoKansas. A formal relationship will be in place January 1, and LMH CEO Russ Johnson said the work to make that happen has been smooth. “The alliance with OrthoKansas creates an opportunity to build a very strong regional presence with a partner who can provide the highest level of orthopedic and sports medicine expertise,” Russ said. “In addition we want to decentralize some of our services at our main campus and move what makes sense. We want to make it easier for patients, more convenient, and more consumer friendly.” Russ said criteria for the land selection included high visibility, convenient access, expansion potential and a fair price. The final price will be approved by the Board next month when they take formal action to approve the land purchase. A tentative timeline calls for groundbreaking in 2018 with the center opening in late 2019.

Cindy Yulich height=

Cindy Yulich, Chair, Board of Trustees

Cindy Yulich, who chairs the Board, said the hospital’s goal is to create a consumer-friendly and innovative center that serves LMH’s growing outpatient programs.
“It’s clear that healthcare is shifting to outpatient services that are convenient and cost less,” she said. “We want to get out in front of that trend. The plan is to create a facility that reflects the commitment LMH made in our strategic plan to collaborate with healthcare providers and to be a partner for lifelong health.
“Our collaboration with OrthoKansas reflects this commitment,” she said. “It will be good for the community because it will enable us to deliver accessible, convenient care.”

LMH poised to buy 20-acre site for outpatient facility

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