Published on September 26, 2017

OrthoKansas and LMH formalize partnership

A vision to develop a regional orthopedic center of excellence advanced today with the announcement of a formal affiliation between OrthoKansas and Lawrence Memorial Hospital.

Dr. Douglass Stull of OrthoKansas said, “We are very excited about the ability to expand our services further into the eastern Kansas region and beyond, and at the same time continue and expand care for the citizens of Douglas County and Lawrence. To me, this partnership lays the foundation to accomplish those goals.”

In March, the two organizations announced they were exploring a broad affiliation with a vision to create a regional orthopedic center of excellence. Since then, the two partners have identified significant opportunities, and a formal relationship is expected to be in place January 1.

LMH President and Chief Executive Officer Russ Johnson said, “The more our two organizations talked about the future, the more we realized that we shared a common vision for the future and a collaborative spirit for working together. The alliance with OrthoKansas will create an opportunity to build a very strong regional presence with a partner who can provide the highest level of orthopedic and sports medicine expertise.”

Dr. Stull said, “We know patients always have a choice, and we’re excited that we’re positioned to provide top-of-the-line, state-of-the-art bone and joint care in a new center where we can create the patient experience for the new century from the ground up. One of our goals is to continue to cover all types of athletes – from those of us who are weekend warriors to elementary and secondary school athletes to elite athletes.”

He said the vision for a new center is a result of discussions that the two groups began about the future. They realized they shared a vision for a model of excellent orthopedic care that could incorporate technological advances and serve the patient of today as well as the patient of 2037.

Since the completion earlier this year of the hospital’s new strategic plan, Destination Health, the LMH Board of Trustees has been discussing acquisition of land in west Lawrence and creation of a facility plan focused on consumer-friendly, innovative services to address LMH’s growing outpatient programs. Other services to be located in a new location have yet to be determined.

Cindy Yulich, chairperson of the LMH Board of Trustees, said the partnership with OrthoKansas is the embodiment of the hospital’s purpose to be “A Partner for Lifelong Health.”

“Our collaboration with OrthoKansas reflects this commitment to creating partnerships,” she said. “It will be good for the community — for patients in our community and beyond — because it will enable us to deliver accessible, convenient care. That’s good for everyone.”

Johnson said, “Whether through arrangements like this with OrthoKansas or by other forms of collaboration, we are interested in working with local physicians and health care organizations to continue the excellent care they provide and to enhance that where it makes sense.”

The new center also will mean that OrthoKansas will expand its practice by adding physicians and other healthcare professionals.

Dr. Neal Lintecum of OrthoKansas said, “We are already recruiting several physicians with fellowship training in orthopedic specialties. This is a direct result of new capabilities made possible by this collaboration.”

OrthoKansas, with services in Lawrence, Leavenworth and Holton, has been a leader in orthopedic care in this region since 1971. Staffed with more than 60 employees including 20 providers – board-certified, fellowship trained orthopedic physicians and surgeons, board certified physician assistants, and board certified physical and occupational therapists – the practice offers clinical, imaging, therapy and wellness services. Physicians who practice at OrthoKansas are Drs. Neal Lintecum, Richard Wendt, Doug Stull, Stephan Prô, Luis Salazar and Adam Goodyear.

OrthoKansas and LMH formalize partnership

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