Published on September 19, 2018

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LMH Health announces new clinic in East Lawrence

LMH Health today announced a new medical clinic serving the residents of East Lawrence and beyond. LMH Health East Heights Family Care, which is largely funded through private gifts through LMH Endowment Association, will be conveniently located within the Independence, Inc., building near 20th & Haskell.

“Providing services in the right place at the right time is key to lifelong health,” said Russ Johnson, LMH Health President & CEO. “At LMH Health, a ‘People First’ approach guides us in serving our patients and communities, and access to care is a vital part of that. The Board of Trustees, and especially Mike Wildgen, have been strong champions of this work as we’ve assessed need and developed new strategies over the past few years. As our directions came into clearer focus, we began to explore locations for primary care in East Lawrence.”

Earlier this year, LMH Health began a search for the right opportunity to expand primary care within East Lawrence, ultimately arriving at an arrangement with Independence, Inc., a non-profit organization that provides resources for people with disabilities to maintain independence in their work and everyday life. The building offers parking, bus access, and first floor service delivery. Additionally, the location is ADA compliant and visible within the community.

Independence, Inc. Co-Executive Director Jill Enyart said, “Independence, Inc. and LMH Health are complementary community organizations that both offer support and services within the broad spectrum of various life stages. That’s what makes this partnership so great. Together we can provide so much more to the community than either could do alone.”

Johnson noted that community partnerships are increasingly important in advancing healthcare initiatives. “Our colleagues at Independence, Inc., have been very willing to work with us, and they are equally excited to expand access in Lawrence so that our community can have another vital access point for healthcare,” said Johnson.

Mike Wildgen, a member of the LMH Health Board of Trustees and a project donor, said “Exceptional, convenient healthcare throughout the entire LMH Health service area has always been our goal.

“The new clinic in east Lawrence is another important step in that direction. For people in that part of the community who don’t have a primary care provider, this new clinic will be a big help. And for people who have a medical concern and need to be able walk in without an appointment, the staff will be prepared to provide care or offer assistance. I’m proud that LMH Health is responding to this need in the East Lawrence neighborhood.”

Over the last two months, LMH Endowment has raised more than $150K in funding for the clinic. These generous gifts will provide support for renovations, equipment and ongoing operations.

The primary care clinic will offer essential day-to-day healthcare services for a wide range of conditions; everything from the common cold, immunizations or a wellness physical, can be completed at the new clinic. The clinic will be staffed by two community primary care providers working together.

Sheryle D’Amico, vice president, LMH Health – Physician Division, said “I love the variety of care that LMH Health is offering, and the diversity of locations it has identified. The clinics in Eudora, Baldwin City, Tonganoxie and McLouth have become so important to those communities. The recent affiliation of Reed Medical Group and the medical building at 6th and Maine will strengthen the medical services in the central core of the Lawrence community. The new medical building near Rock Chalk Park addresses needs in a fast-growing part of the city. And now the new clinic in the Independence, Inc., building at 20th and Haskell will be a convenient asset to a very important part of Lawrence.”

Private contributions allowed LMH Health to move plans forward this year.

“Over the last two months, LMH Endowment has raised more than $150,000 in funding for the clinic,” said Jason Hoover, president of the LMH Endowment Board of Directors. “These generous gifts will provide support for renovations, equipment and operations.”

LMH Endowment, which will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2019, is a non-profit foundation that seeks to inspire community and philanthropic support to strengthen LMH Health.

Dan Schriner, one of the donors who came together in support of the initiative, said, “We have been thrilled to see East Lawrence grow over the past many years. But help is needed; that’s why we have decided to direct our philanthropic support to better the lives of people right here in our own community. This East Lawrence facility is approachable and welcoming, and it will be very meaningful to thousands of people.”

Johnson said LMH Health was grateful for LMH Endowment’s role in in the project. “Community philanthropy advances our vision, and donor support of the East clinic is a perfect example,” he said. “Our donors, through their notable generosity and compassion, continuously bolster LMH Health as a partner for lifelong health.”

Philanthropic partnerships, as well as those with community organizations like Independence, Inc., ensure LMH Health can improve lives by ensuring access to healthcare across Lawrence and the surrounding communities.

“LMH Health was born out of an honorable cause and a belief that all people deserve a place of safety, dignity and comfort in which to receive health care,” said Hoover. “Donors help LMH Health carry this commitment forward every day.”

D’Amico explained that LMH Health is strategically responding to specific needs in a targeted way, noting, “The result will be better access to medical care for the citizens of Douglas County and surrounding counties.”

LMH Health announces new clinic in East Lawrence

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