Published on April 06, 2020

Changes to Lawrence OB-GYN Specialists office protocol due to COVID-19

Lawrence OB-GYN Specialists is trying to adapt to the coronavirus, or COVID-19, and continue to perform quality medical care. The home quarantine has changed how we normally do things. Our current plan is to delay most gynecology patients and surgeries until it is deemed safer for the community at large. However, many patients are pregnant and we cannot delay their care. 

There are certain obstetrical appointments where it is necessary that we physically see our patients, but there are others that we may be able to safely perform through our new telemedicine platform. You would still have face-to-face appointments, but they could be done from your home. Our staff will discuss this on an individual basis with each patient. Similarly, most of our two-week postpartum appointments can be safely done via telemedicine.

There are certain gynecology appointments that can also be done through telemedicine appointments with our physicians. Please call or send a portal message if you think your problem can be addressed without an office visit.

Dr. Logan Kracht has provided an informational video about pregnancy and the coronavirus. It is available on the Lawrence OB-GYN Specialists Facebook page and on LMH Health’s YouTube channel.  LMH Health understands that these may be economically challenging times for many. The hospital is currently offering free online classes for childbirth, breastfeeding, baby care and newborn safety. Register at

We are trying to limit the exposure of our patients to the coronavirus, which is why we have taken these measures. Similarly, in order to limit the exposure of our physicians, each doctor is only going to be in the office setting or call 3 days per week. This may mean that one or more of your appointments may involve either a nurse practitioner or another physician. Rest assured, you will be receiving the same high level of care that you have come to expect here.

Once the COVID-19 pandemic shows signs of improvement, we will resume our normal operations. 

For more information about LMH Health’s response to the COVID-19 crisis, visit or call Lawrence OB-GYN Specialists at 785-832-1424.

Phillip Moreano, MD
Medical Director, Lawrence OB-GYN Specialists 

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COVID-19 Safety

Keeping you safe is our top priority

If you have symptoms of COVID-19, contact your healthcare provider or local health department. If you need emergency care, our Emergency Department is open to care for you.

Visitor hours and policies at Lawrence Memorial Hospital and LMH Health clinics may change as we continue to monitor the virus in our community.

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Changes to Lawrence OB-GYN Specialists office protocol due to COVID-19