Published on October 21, 2020

Joanne Hurst nominated for KHA Trustee of the Year

Joanne Hurst

Congratulations to Joanne Hurst on her nomination for the Kansas Hospital Association’s Trustee of the Year! 

Joanne has served as a Trustee for LMH Health twice over her career in leadership roles including Chair and Vice Chair. She was a key proponent of the new LMH Health West Campus and also championed East Heights Primary Care on the east side of Lawrence, an area that had previously been medically underserved. Joanne also supported the acquisition of First Med, providing increased access for the southern part of Douglas County. 

Joanne is a long-time volunteer for LMH Health, but her involvement in the community doesn’t stop there. She previously served as the secretary of the Kansas Department of Aging, the executive director of the Kansas Commission on Human Rights and the Missouri state director for AARP. She uses her influence in a thoughtful way that promotes LMH Health’s purpose and as a champion for health equity. 

“Joanne was integral in seeing a new vision for our community – in accepting a broader mantle of responsibility that goes beyond the success of LMH Health to the health of our community as our purpose,“ said Russ Johnson, LMH Health president & CEO. “When we begin setting our vision on the health of our community, new things came into focus—access to care, the places where health equity is disparate for members of our community, the basic and fundamental components of health that have the most impact on life expectancy and quality of life. Joanne helped this perspective become our vision.”

Joanne Hurst nominated for KHA Trustee of the Year

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