Published on October 30, 2020

West Campus provides new opportunities for OrthoKansas and therapy patients

Jessica Brewer, LMH Health

With the opening of the new LMH Health West Campus, some of our outpatient clinics made the big move to the new facility. One of those moves was for the OrthoKansas team with additional space for LMH Health Therapy & Wellness. Sporting a new 16,000 square foot facility with amazing new equipment and technology, this space is ready for the community to experience all it can offer.

One of the newest pieces of equipment LMH Health now offers for its patients, and the community at large, is an Isokinetic testing device. This machine provides the most objective measure of joint function following injury or surgery, specifically for the knee, shoulder and ankle. It is commonly used for strength training and rehabilitation from a sports injury or other joint injury and raises the bar for the recovery LMH Health can offer.

Isokinetic testing device

Isokinetic testing device

Dan Lorenz, Director of Sports Medicine at LMH Health, said with our brand new, state of the art facility, the technology should match.

“We should have data-driven outcomes and evaluation/testing procedures for our patients,” he said. “With the Isokinetic machine, there is not a better modality to do exactly this in the physical rehabilitation realm.”

Lorenz said that it’s a luxury to have this machine on hand. There are only a few Isokinetic machines in the state of Kansas. Having one close at hand at LMH Health will benefit patients.

This machine is perfect for a goal-oriented person who wants to see where their weaknesses are. Lorenz said that patients may want to try this out if they had an injury years ago and maybe now something doesn’t feel quite right. The Isokinetic machine will pick up the deficits.

“This machine allows peoples to know their status,” he said. “Rather than thinking or feeling like they aren’t at their full capacity, this will allow them to know for certain what level they are at and what areas need some further attention. We are also able to do accurate baseline testing. If you have an injury that will need surgery, we can test your ‘good’ limb to make sure after surgery we can do our best to get your injured limb up to your fullest potential again.”

Before scheduling a service with the Isokinetic machine, call OrthoKansas at 785-843-9125 and ask to set up an appointment with a physical therapist. A prior assessment from a PT will allow for counsel on what treatment is best for you. After, our team can determine if the Isokinetic machine will benefit in your recovery or if a less strenuous treatment is best.

The Isokinetic machine is just one of the new and exciting technologies offered at the LMH Health West Campus. Jaye Cole, Physical Therapy/Rehab senior director, said the therapy team loves the new space at the West Campus.

“We can see patients using new equipment like our HydroWorx water therapy, our growing motion analysis lab and have the agility space to work with our sports medicine patients in an environment that feels more real to them,” she said. “We are also now able to work with our Women’s Center and create an environment that is a one-stop-shop for our patients, along with assisting in their pelvic floor rehab and breast center post-op rehab as well.”

Cole said that the new equipment at the West Campus can service anyone from the most extreme athletes to those wanting just to work on gaining more mobility.

“With the new HydroWorx water therapy we can make patients weightless, taking all stress off of their joints,” she said. “We can go up to an eight-mile per hour speed with the underwater treadmill to challenge our athletes if they’d like. We are also focusing on our runners with our motion analysis lab. We want to be able to help runners improve their efficiency and see where their deficiencies are to decrease the likeliness of an injury.”

The new agility space can also service all athletes in a space where they can kick, throw and move as they would in a real game. One of the best parts about these advancements is that patients don’t need a physician’s referral to seek treatment. In the State of Kansas, physical therapists are allowed to evaluate and initiate treatment on a patient without a physician’s referral.

Cole said that anyone can seek treatment by self-referring to a physical therapist. However, if the patient is not progressing toward documented treatment goals that are objective, measurable or provide functional improvement within 10 visits or 15 business days from the initial treatment visit following the evaluation visit, the physical therapist will obtain a referral from an appropriate licensed health care practitioner.

“Before treatment, we make sure our patient knows that a physical therapy diagnosis is not a medical diagnosis by a physician,” she said. “Therefore, we can focus on the reason for the referral, say hip pain, rather than a known medical diagnosis that would come from a physician, like hip bursitis. But for those who have pain and want to seek relief through physical therapy, we are here and ready to serve you at our new West location, main hospital location or our LMH South location.”

Dr. Stephan Pro, an orthopedic surgeon with OrthoKansas, said the move for the OrthoKansas team to the West Campus has allowed for a bigger space with an ability to be patient-centered in every way, highlighting that the new therapy space is one to be recognized.

“In my opinion, the physical therapy space is perhaps the highlight of the entire clinic,” Dr. Pro said. “This enables our orthopedic specialty-trained therapists to perform the highest level of rehabilitation for both surgical and non-surgical care.”

Donors contributed more than $5.5 million in support to the West Campus, including a $1 million gift for orthopedics made by Rodger and Sheryl Henry through their company, H & S Holdings. This support allows the newest in technology and equipment, and Dr. Pro said that it is the team’s hope to continue developing tools and diagnostics to help the West Campus become a single stop for all outpatient needs, including imaging, labs, surgery and more.

“In the future, we hope to expand our offerings to include the possibility of same-day follow-up after imaging as well as digital check-in kiosks for patient appointments,” he said.

After three years of the West facility being in the works, Dr. Pro said the team is happy to be settled in and taking care of patients in an increased space.

“This new environment allows us the ability to continue to grow as a practice,” he said. “We want to fulfill the needs of our patients and fulfill the future needs of the greater Douglas County community.”

Jessica Brewer is the social media and digital communications specialist at LMH Health.

West Campus provides new opportunities for OrthoKansas and therapy patients

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