Published on October 06, 2021

LMH Health named 2021 Most Wired

Lawrence, KS – The College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME) has recognized LMH Health as one of the nation’s Most Wired hospitals and healthcare systems. This designation indicates a significant milestone for LMH Health as it marks the tenth time the organization has received the title since first participating in the 2011 survey.

The Digital Health Most Wired survey is conducted annually by CHIME and is powered through KLAS Research. This year, the 2021 Most Wired survey represented 36,674 facilities with 612 organizations receiving the Most Wired designation.

According to CHIME, the survey aims to identify, recognize and certify the use of information technology by healthcare provider organizations in order to encourage the optimal use of IT to improve patient safety and care. The survey assessed four areas: Acute, Ambulatory, Long Term and Post-Acute Care (LTPAC) and International Acute. LMH Health received the 2021 Most Wired designation for the Acute and Ambulatory surveys, being recognized for achieving meaningful clinical and efficiency outcomes driven by IT.

Due to the risk of cyberattacks and stolen healthcare data, LMH maintains a high level of security to ensure the safety and privacy of patient and business data, according to Tyler Palmer, Network Architect for LMH Health’s IT department. LMH patients can be confident that the organization is taking the necessary steps to protect their personal health information. Additionally, LMH has technologies in place to help confirm that clinicians are performing the correct procedure, administering the correct dosage of medication, receiving feedback on treatment guidance, and are alerted of potential health risks that a patient might be vulnerable to.

“The use of innovative technology is now a vital part of world-class patient care. The Most Wired designation is an important benchmark to compare ourselves to the best in the industry,” said LMH President and CEO Russ Johnson. “It highlights where LMH Health is a leader in the field and where we can further refine our systems to support our physicians and clinical staff as they care for our patients. We’re proud of this designation and we appreciate the amazing work of everyone in the organization to earn it.”

LMH Health began participating in the Most Wired survey in 2011. Since that time, the number of surveyed hospitals has significantly increased and LMH Health continues to maintain its status as one of a few select hospitals to receive recognition for its achievements in deployed technologies and strategies.

According to Michael Williams, Vice President and CIO of Information Technology, “[LMH Health] scored very high in the areas of infrastructure, security, population health, and clinical quality and safety. This reflects our investments in IT Security and Infrastructure to protect our organization. The clinical quality and safety aspect also reflects our strategy to be a highly reliable organization.”

As information technology and the digital landscape continue to evolve, LMH Health is dedicated to finding opportunities for growth and improvement. Williams indicated that LMH Health has begun to increase focus on the patient experience, specifically related to customer experience and scheduling, the patient portal, and the registration process.

“Achieving Most Wired is a great achievement. This award recognizes the entire organization for our use of technology in improving patient safety and outcomes,” he said.

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LMH Health named 2021 Most Wired

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