Published on October 07, 2021

Paying out of pocket for healthcare?

Healthcare tests and services can often be costly, especially without having insurance to assist or having a high deductible plan. That is why LMH Health has partnered with MDsave, an online healthcare marketplace that is geared to offer patients a lower price for a service that would typically be billed at a higher rate through insurance.

MDsave works just as easily as hopping online and buying something to pick-up in-store. You pay, receive a voucher, schedule a service and then you are all ready to go. Tom Wells, LMH Health director for Imaging Services, Invasive Cardiology & Respiratory Therapy, said MDsave is an easy way to access services to fit an individual’s budget. MDsave accepts credit, debit, PayPal and you can also use CareCredit to help finance whatever you may be needing. 

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MDsave can help you save hundreds!

“If a patient has decided they want to use MDsave, what they will do is visit, put in the location where they wish to receive their service (for Lawrence put in LMH Health), put in the description for the test they have an order for and it will auto populate the test,” Wells said. “It will show you what services are offered around the area and also the cash price they are offering in lieu of billing through insurance.”

Once you have purchased your voucher, call LMH Health to schedule your test or service. Make sure when you come to your appointment that you have your voucher handy, just like tickets to a ball game. Can’t find the voucher day of? No worries, our systems have shown you have purchased a service. With some personal information, we can look up your order in no time.

“The process for our patients is rather seamless,” Wells said. “There is no difference in the way our patients get checked in and there is absolutely no difference in the exam. The office visit and the results are delivered the same way as someone who may have scheduled and billed through insurance.”

He added that anyone can use MDsave, so long as you have a doctor’s order for the test or service. Physical therapy is an exception, as referrals are not required. Even if you have the best insurance plan out there, if you want to save money and use the out-of-pocket MDsave savings, you are welcome to do so.

“We had a patient come to us who had never been to LMH Health before,” Wells said. “They wanted a service and to get it at the price they wanted they were going to have to go to KC. We walked the patient through the MDsave website and found the service they were looking for there. The patient was then able to purchase the voucher, turn around and immediately use it to save them some money. It was such a great testament to how awesome MDsave can be.”

Michele Vanoni, the senior director of Revenue Cycle at LMH Health, said the reason MDsave can offer such low prices is because it takes the background coordinating out of the picture. Rather than calling and billing insurance and working with multiple different people to get the reimbursement for the service, MDsave collects the money for the service. Once the voucher has been scanned and used in our system the funds come directly back to the hospital.

“There are so many positives to MDsave,” Vanoni said. “However, one example where MDsave may not be the right fit for you is if you use this on a high deductible insurance plan and it does not go towards your deductible. Though some insurances will honor it, some will not, so it is best to check with your insurance first. However, no matter what you will still get the same great rate.”

Another positive to MDsave is that no information is shared with your insurance. If your rate will go up for having a certain test or service done, MDsave never asks for insurance information. You are also not limited to a certain area or hospital where you have to use the service. Wherever the service you are looking for is offered, you can have it done.

“MDsave is cheaper, timely and there are no surprises, it is a one-time only upfront cost” Vanoni said. “Additionally, some insurances may say you must have a certain test done before the one recommended by your doctor. For instance, an MRI may be required before getting a CT scan. This not a requirement with MDsave and can save you money in the long run.”

When it comes to healthcare, Vanoni said the more options we can offer, the better. As we look ahead, we hope to grow our services offered through MDsave even more. Wells said we hope one day to offer colonoscopies and maybe even surgeries. But for now, we continue to offer many lab tests and services in imaging and radiology to our patients every day.

“The test we see ordered the most through MDsave in imaging is definitely an MRI,” Wells said. “On the laboratory side we see lipid profiles, blood work tests, hemoglobin tests and more. Though this is not all that is offered, they are our most common.”

Curious to see if a test or service you have been ordered is on MDsave? Learn more today by visiting and give us a call at 785-505-5000 and ask to be directed to the laboratory, imaging or therapy to get your appointment scheduled.

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Paying out of pocket for healthcare?

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