Published on July 25, 2022

From Leadership Academy Intern to Full-Time Team Member

Ahnie Scott describes stumbling upon the LMH Health Leadership Academy as a funny story. Her high school advisor had presented the opportunity and though it sounded appealing, Scott had just started a new job and didn’t want to quit so soon.

“After hearing about the Leadership Academy, I told my mom and friends and they all continued to encourage me to apply. Not only was it a paid internship but an opportunity to learn and grow and it excited me,” she said. “I was nervous but I decided to apply and I got it! Looking back, I do not know where I would be had I not taken this opportunity.”

Scott said the relationships she built are forever and being such good friends with her colleagues has been incredible.

“The leaders at LMH Health helped me become an adult,” Scott said. “I was a junior in high school when I got the Leadership Academy role and they helped me grow and eventually transition into my new role within LMH.”

Joining the LMH Health Team…again

After turning 18, Scott decided to take some time to invest in herself and her mental health. After a much needed break, she decided to make some big life changes and alongside that find a new job. Scott reached out to her contacts at LMH Health who connected her with positions available for her qualifications. They found a good fit and she decided to apply.

Ahnie Scott

Ahnie Scott

“I remember the support I received from LMH Health when I decided to apply. They helped me find a good position and when I was offered it I was excited to accept,” she said. “They respected my need to take time for my mental health and helped pick me up and move forward when I was ready. The work is incredible, but the support from my team and the senior leadership at LMH Health has been one of the best parts.”

Scott just recently hit her 90 days mark of being with LMH Health. For some that may seem like a short amount, but for her this is a huge accomplishment.

“I cannot tell you how long it has been since I have stayed 90 days at a job. For one reason or another I always left and for me this is something I am so excited about,” Scott said. “To finally have a team that supports me, supports taking care of my mental health and has my back, nothing compares to it. They talk me through difficulties at work and also personally and give me the resources I need to be successful. I received the best care when I was a patient here and the best treatment as an employee as well.”

Working for LMH Health

When it comes to working for LMH Health, Scott says she cannot recommend it enough. From the people she sees daily, to the relationships she’s grown, there is no place she would rather call her work home.

“If you have been debating beginning a career with LMH Health, please let this be your sign to apply today,” Scott said. “The people, the atmosphere, it is all amazing. I cannot say enough good things about this health system and how they have helped advance my career and helped me grow into a young professional.”

Jessica BrewerStory by Jessica Thomas

Jessica is the Social Media & Digital Communications Specialist at LMH Health.

From Leadership Academy Intern to Full-Time Team Member

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