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  • 2018 News 1/1/2018

    Find out what is happening at LMH Health by reading through the news from 2018.

  • Tai Chi for a sense of balance 12/29/2017

    Our sense of balance is a key component to preventing falls. Because Tai Chi is low-impact, it may be suitable for older adults who don’t exercise otherwise.

  • Resolutions for the New Year 12/22/2017

    Why do so many of us fail, and what can we do to increase the odds of achieving our health and lifestyle goals? Simply put, we need to think more narrowly.

  • When the holiday's aren't exactly happy 12/15/2017

    Heightened expectations to be cheerful during the holidays can compound the feelings of sadness for people who are experiencing loss.

  • Aging Parents: What children should watch for 12/11/2017

    A daughter once said she has been through a divorce, child rearing and job changes, and the most stressful thing she’s done was becoming a parent to her parent.

  • Give the Gift of Good Health 12/2/2017

    If you’re struggling to find a perfect gift for people on your holiday shopping list, consider something to help them improve their physical or mental health.

  • Bob and Anne Schulman give thanks for world-class care 11/19/2017

    Find out from the Schulman's what level of care you can expect when you visit LMH Health.

  • Fall is Flu Time 11/10/2017

    In addition to getting a flu shot, washing your hands can help prevent the flu. Be aware of everything you touch, and if you are sick, stay home from work.”

  • So you’ve decided to quit smoking. This is it. 11/6/2017

    The Great American Smokeout is Nov. 16. By quitting – even for one day – you’ll be taking an important step.

  • Easy tweaks can help prevent falls 11/2/2017

    One in three older Americans falls every year, and these falls can lead to many injuries — many of them serious.

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