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  • A celebration of support: Philanthropy strengthens LMH Health 1/17/2022

    Donors to the LMH Health Foundation committed millions of dollars in philanthropic support to benefit LMH Health patients, programs and initiatives throughout 2021, ensuring our community hospital is among the very best in the country.

  • Thank you to our blood donors 1/17/2022
  • COVID tests and results: What you need to know 1/14/2022

    With the emergence of the Omicron variant and skyrocketing numbers of positive cases, you may have questions about testing and what you should do if you or a family member has a positive result. The experts at LMH Health can help.

  • Menopause remains a mystery to many 1/13/2022

    “The trick is realizing that menopause is so different for everybody. What you’re going through isn’t necessarily what your best friend is going through." If everyone’s experience is so different, how are you supposed to know what’s normal? Is there a normal?

  • Your guide to cold weather illnesses this winter 1/6/2022

    As temperatures drop and people spend more time indoors with each other, the likelihood of spreading a virus increases. Learning about these common cold-weather illnesses and the ways to protect yourself from them will help you and your community stay happy and healthy this winter.


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