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  • I have an appointment at LMH Health. What should I expect? 5/18/2020

    LMH Health has the most up-to-date COVID-19 precautions in place to extend our care and services to you. These safeguards help protect you, our staff and ultimately the community, and we ask for your cooperation by reviewing them before you visit us for your next appointment, procedure or surgery.

  • What does "normal" really mean? 5/15/2020

    As states begin to reopen and life begins to shift toward a new normal, what does “normal” really mean? Are we in the clear?

  • Should I pay for an antibody test? 5/13/2020

    Antibody testing has been a topic of conversation across the country and among our patients here in Douglas County. Read on to learn more.

  • Community support helps bolster LMH Health staff during COVID-19 crisis 5/8/2020

    With the rapid pace of change and unknowns surrounding the COVID-19 crisis, the outpouring of community support has provided morale boosts for LMH Health staff and providers.

  • LMH Health Community Conversation on COVID-19 5/6/2020

    LMH Health has announced the resumption of some healthcare services across the organization and the community has questions about their safety and some of the new processes in place.

  • COVID-19 Impact on Our Community and Our Health System 5/1/2020

    Dr. Jennifer Schrimsher returns to provide updates with Rebecca Smith on COVID-19 in our community.

  • LMH Health Resuming Services 5/1/2020

    In the coming days, certain areas will begin to offer services in a targeted and thoughtful manner.

  • New visitor restrictions at LMH Health 5/1/2020

    Until further notice, LMH Health is restricting visitation to...

  • Physicians pitching in to help with patient surge 4/24/2020

    Across the country, we see examples of hospitals becoming overwhelmed by a surge of patients with COVID-19. This can sound intimidating, alarming and downright scary. LMH Health has been actively preparing for the surge, and providers across the community and here at LMH Health are stepping up to help.

  • When will LMH Health resume elective procedures? 4/22/2020

    LMH Health has spent the past several weeks preparing and responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. As our organizational readiness for COVID-19 has increased, we can now direct our attention to planning for the time when we will resume all healthcare services across our organization.

COVID-19 News and Updates

Contact your healthcare provider or local health department if you are at risk for coronavirus (COVID-19). If you need emergency care, our Emergency Department is still open to care for you.

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