Why Quality Matters at Lawrence Memorial Hospital

Why Quality Matters

Lawrence Memorial Hospital believes quality health care matters because it leads to excellent patient outcomes. At LMH, we assure that your care is supported by the latest evidence-based literature, the best medical knowledge and experience, advanced technology and a staff known for their unparalleled skill and kindness.

To help you feel confident about choosing LMH for your hospital, we measure our performance in several ways. Quality is measured in the outcomes achieved, such as infections, falls and readmissions to the hospital, and in compliance with national quality process measures. We also measure the patient’s experience, evaluating more than 10 measures reported by hospital patients in standardized patient satisfaction surveys. These processes and satisfaction measures allow you to compare our care to national and state averages of other hospitals.

Learn about Quality Measures and visit our Quality Reports page to see the latest information about how we care for patients at Lawrence Memorial Hospital.

Still have questions? Visit our FAQs page, or browse through our list of health care quality Resources and Glossary of Terms.

Why Quality Matters