Joint Commission Accreditation

Lawrence Memorial Hospital is one of 4,250 hospitals, or approximately 88 percent of hospitals nationwide, accredited by The Joint Commission.

The Joint Commission is an independent, not-for-profit organization that accredits and certifies U.S. hospitals and other health care organizations. As a Joint-Commission-accredited hospital, LMH meets rigorous national quality and patient safety standards. The Joint Commission regularly reviews and evaluates our facility and staff to ensure continued compliance of these directives.

The Joint Commission publishes Quality Reports® for LMH and all accredited hospitals. You can review a summary of our performance that includes:

  • The effective dates of our accreditation
  • Our compliance with the Joint Commission's National Patient Safety Goals
  • Our performance on National Quality Improvement Goals
  • The results of a patient satisfaction survey

Any person who has concerns about the safety or quality of care provided in the hospital may report these concerns to LMH Patient Safety Officer, 785-505-3151 or on The Joint Commission website.

Quality Performance