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  • Circuit MOVES

    Learn more about this energetic class, where you will be challenged with circuit drills and agility activities to encourage large-amplitude, whole-body movements. This class includes PWR! Moves and a high-intensity cardio routine.

  • FUNctional MOVES

    Learn more about This FUN class emphasizing the strategies needed for safe mobility. PWR! principles will be utilized in fun and engaging ways to retrain the brain to sequence tasks and move better. This class is combination of the Standing MOVES class and the Sitting MOVES class. This is a good class for those who are recovering from an illness or just starting to need an assistive device.

  • Medicare Annual Wellness Visit

    An annual wellness visit provides the opportunity to help Medicare beneficiaries maintain their health for as long as possible.

  • Sitting MOVES

    Learn more about this class. From a sitting position, we'll take you through large, whole-body movements. Cognitive challenges increasing in complexity, along with vocalization helps improve the brain's ability to learn and form new connections.

  • Standing MOVES

    Learn more about this class that includes movements in all positions, from sitting to getting down on the floor. You will learn strategies to improve functional skills and balance.