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Take charge of your health! Realize the benefits of a healthy, proactive lifestyle.

Looking for resources to help you take charge of your health? Lawrence Memorial Hospital WellCare is the spot to connect with information, programs, events and organizations dedicated to health and wellness. Check out the links.

How to Quit Smoking with Charles Yockey, MD

Better Health

Better Health is produced by Lawrence Memorial Hospital to promote healthy lifestyles and health topics that are of interest to our community.

The Smoking Addiction

Maintaining a Healthy Heart

Skin Cancer and Melanoma

Migraine Headaches

Treating Migraines with Botox

Employers Login


The LMH WellCare Portal allows employees to track their personal health and wellness information. For LMH WellCare services, log in through your employer's plan link below:

Be Healthy LMH

City of Lawrence CHAMP Wellness Program

Douglas County

KU Endowment

KU Union

Lawrence Paper Company

U.S.D. 491

Health Resources

Health Resources

A few resources to inspire and motivate your wellness quest.

American Heart Association

American Cancer Association


Let's Move

Wellness Events

Wellness Events

Upcoming community events for your health and wellness.

Drop-In Wellness Coaching

Steps to Successfully Quitting Smoking

LMH Classes & Programs