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  • Elizabeth Watkins Community Caring Award

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Elizabeth Watkins Community Caring Award

Photo of Elizabeth WatkinsAs a tribute to the caring spirit of philanthropist Elizabeth Miller Watkins, and as an expression of thanks to those who mirror her generosity, we proudly present the Elizabeth Watkins Community Caring award to individuals, businesses or LMH Health employees.

Each year, the LMH Health Foundation recognizes those people and businesses who have provided unique and significant service to the hospital and the foundation.


Individuals: Dale and Jan Willey, Jeff and Mary Weinberg, Connie Roeder and Janice Early


Individuals: Jan Breithaupt, Teresa Mulinazzi Kempf, Gary Sollars and Eleanor Woodyard


Business: P1 Group, Inc.

Individuals: Dolph and Pam Simons, Becky Gibson, Rodger and Sheryl Henry

Employees: Dr. Stephen Myrick and Dr. Charles Yockey


Businesses: Capital Federal Foundation and The Sunderland Foundation

Individuals: Dana and Sue Anderson, William "Bill" H. Coil, Carolie and the late William "Bill" Hoagland, and Kay and Monte Johnson

Employees: Marla Potter, Cory Wapp, and LMH Auxiliary


Businesses: Briggs Auto of Lawrence, Great Plains Media and McDonald’s of Lawrence

Individuals: Cindy Sargent and Val Stella

Employees: Liz Botkin and Liv Frost


Businesses: Assists Foundation, Edmonds Duncan, Intrust and LMH Pathology

Individuals: Faye Jones, Kurt von Achen, Tandy Reussner, the Bob Moore Family, and Carol and Sherry Schaub

Employees: Margie Brummett and Gene Meyer


Businesses: Dale Willey Automotive, Lawrence Emergency Medicine Associates, Sandbar/Sandbar Subs and Sigma Nu Fraternity

Individuals: Chris Barteldes, Richard Orchard, M.D., Jackie Schmalberg, Mary Jane Grinter and Kathleen Hall

Employees: Kelly Hilmes and Greg Windholz


Businesses: Cork & Barrel (Jon and Alicia Smiley) and Ellena Honda (John and Cathy Ellena)

Individuals: Lorna Allen, Reaumur Donnally, Nancy Ezell, and Dick and Kakie Raney

Employee: Janice Seymour


Individuals: Mark Gonzales, Jim and Bonnie Schwartzburg

Businesses: O’Malley Beverage, The Write Design

Employee: Becki Carl Stutz


Individuals: Beverly Smith Billings and Dianna Nelson

Businesses: Byrnes Pharmacy, Criticare

Employee: Lew Nolan


Individuals: Dr. Phillip and Phoebe Godwin, Donna Osness

Businesses: Stan and Lois Zaremba and Scott and Darby Zaremba/Zarco, Byron Springer/Barber Emerson

Employee: Allyson Leland


Individuals: William Dann, Connie Sollars

Businesses: Lawrence Plastic Surgery, Bill and Marlene Penny/Penny’s Concrete

Employee: Betty Moles


Individuals: Don Johnston, Ron and Dorothy McGregor

Businesses: Commerce Bank, John Gladman Photography

Employee: Karin Feltman


Individuals: Ross and Marianna Beach, Joanne Hurst

Businesses: Miles Schnaer/ Crown Automotive, Dave Bach/Das Autohaus


Individuals: Bea Carlson, Jan McCullough

Businesses: Huxtable and Associates, The World Company