Lab Services at LMH Health

Lab Services at LMH Health

It’s important to have fast, accurate lab results to ensure you get the care you need when you need it most. The LMH Health Lab performs tests to help your doctor make the best decisions for your care.

LMH Health provides a full-service laboratory at two locations in Lawrence. Our pathologists are nationally accredited by the College of American Pathologists. We offer on-site routine and emergency testing and provide referrals for specialized testing.

Our services

The LMH Health Lab provides services including:

  • Blood bank – Identifies blood types and tests blood products to make sure they’re compatible and safe before being used in transfusions and other medical procedures
  • Chemistry – Tests blood to detect and diagnose different illnesses
  • Cytology – Detects abnormal cells found in cancer and other diseases
  • Hematology – Examines blood to measure the number and type of cells and detect blood disorders
  • Histology – Examines tissue samples to look for diseases
  • Microbiology – Tests for bacteria, fungus and parasites to identify the best treatment for infection
  • Molecular – Analyzes genetic makeup of a sample to diagnose diseases and conditions
  • Surgical pathology – Studies tissue removed during surgery to help diagnose diseases

How can I see my results?

Most common lab results are available through My Patient Portal. Some sensitive results aren’t available, including STD screenings, HIV results, endocrine studies, genetic testing and cancer markers.

Because of patient privacy laws, lab staff cannot provide your test results. Results can only be given to you by your doctor or nurse. You may request a copy from Health Information Management Systems (HIMS).

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