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Total Joint Replacement at OrthoKansas

If you suffer from severe joint pain that limits mobility and isn’t alleviated through non-surgical methods, total joint replacement might be the right option for you. The Total Joint Program at OrthoKansas provides comprehensive care for patients undergoing total hip replacement, partial or total knee replacement or shoulder replacement surgery.

Is joint replacement right for me?

Total joint replacement is an effective way to reduce pain, restore normal joint function and help get you back to your favorite activities.

Total joint replacement might be right for you if your joint pain and stiffness:

  • Restricts your work, exercise and routine daily activities
  • Continues even when resting
  • Isn’t relieved with medication, physical therapy or use of a cane or walker
  • Is severe enough to limit your mobility

Certified for total hip and knee replacement

OrthoKansas is recognized with The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval® for Advanced Total Hip and Knee Replacement Certification. This certification recognizes the highest standards of care during a total hip and total knee replacement, from pre-surgical orthopedic consultation to the intraoperative and post-surgical follow-up care. Learn more