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LMH Health System Pharmacy

Do you have a prescription from an LMH Health provider? Trust the team at the LMH Health System Pharmacy to provide high-quality, professional care for your pharmacy needs. Open 365 days per year, we deliver fast, convenient prescription services, all from your hometown healthcare system.

Outpatient services

Take advantage of the LMH Health System Pharmacy for your prescription needs. Our team of pharmacists works with your LMH Health provider to provide you with the best treatment option.

Are you short on time? Patients at the Main Campus benefit from the convenience of being able to pick up prescriptions and over the counter medications and home health aides before heading home.

Patients who visit the LMH Health System Pharmacy can also benefit from:

  • Consulting with pharmacists to answer medication questions
  • Convenience of receiving routine immunizations
  • Participating in Medication Management Services
  • Synchronizing medications to receive them on the same day every 30 or 90 days, instead of making multiple visits to the pharmacy

Inpatient services

When you’re being discharged from the hospital, the last thing you want to think about is heading to the pharmacy to pick up your medication. Sign up for Meds to Beds and we’ll bring the medications to you before you check out. Talk with admissions, nursing or pharmacy staff to let them know you’re interested.

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