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Jake Loos Runstrong Story

When Lawrence Free State High School cross country runner, Jake Loos, went into his season, he experienced knee pain that affected his race. See how the Runstrong team helped Jake's form and style, meet his goals and improve his running experience.

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Published on July 09, 2021

On the Run: Training is definitely a thing

Yep. Training for a marathon is a thing. It’s a thing that takes some serious commitment – more than I realized when I hit the enter button on my browser in March. So it was time to find a training plan.

Before surgery to fix a herniated disc in my back, I’d been training using the Galloway method and had joined a training group at my local running store. If you aren’t familiar with Jeff Galloway’s run-walk-run method, it’s based on the idea that incorporating regular walking breaks into your run will improve your performance. I won’t go into all the details but for someone who isn’t particularly athletically inclined, this is a way of running that’s right up my alley. I turned to Jeff – or rather his website – for a training plan that would work for me.

I’m also pretty sure that my running form isn’t the greatest. I get weird aches and pains in my feet, my knees and my hips, so I knew that having professional guidance would be key. That’s where the RunStrong team at LMH Health comes in.

Made up of physical therapists, athletic trainers and a physician champion, the RunStrong team provides expertise on ways to gain strength and manage training to improve your running ability. Another option runners can use is a video running analysis of your running mechanics to understand your weaknesses and retrain your run. So that’s where I’m starting.

One of the amazing features at the LMH Health West Campus is the motion analysis lab. When I walked into this room housed in the OrthoKansas therapy space, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Would there be sensors, monitors – what happens? Stay tuned!

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