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Published on January 01, 2011

Gloria Pringle Recalls Changes During 50 Years at Lawrence Memorial Hospital

"It is just amazing how the years have flown and you think about all of the changes", she said.
Story by LJWorld reporter, Karrey Britt: Gloria Pringle recalls changes during 50 years at Lawrence Memorial Hospital.
After 50 years of service at Lawrence Memorial Hospital, Gloria Pringle has retired.
Although she retired as secretary to the president, Pringle has done everything from answering emergency room calls, to payroll, to scheduling surgeries.
Hospital administrators say “she runs the place” and have turned to her when it comes to decision-making.
“I’ve often said that when we think we come up with a really brilliant idea, she will bring us down to earth and say, ‘Oh no, we thought of that 20 years ago and it didn’t work,’” President and CEO Gene Meyer said.
Back in 1953, when Pringle started working at LMH at age 19, she used an Underwood typewriter. Now, she’s leaving at age 76 with an appreciation for computers.
“It is just amazing how the years have flown and you think about all of the changes,” she said.

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