Published on May 18, 2012

LMH Recognized as "2012 Best Companies to Work For"

(l/r): Kathy Clausing, VP andChief Development Officer; Gene Meyer, President & Chief Executive Officer; Sheryle D'Amico, VP/Physician Division; Sherri Vaughn, VP/Medical Affairs; Janice Early, Director of Marketing & Business Development; Joe Pedley, VP/Chief Financial Officer; Dana Hale, VP/Nursing; Karen Shumate, Chief Operating Officer; Carolyn Bowmer, VP/Human Resources; Jane Maskus, VP/Chief Information Officer.

Ingram's Magazine, a Kansas City based business publication, designated LMH as one of six KC area "large" businesses, and the only hospital, to achieve this distinction.

This award recognizes workplaces in the Greater Kansas City area whose management practices, educational and advancement opportunities, benefits and spirit of teamwork set their organizations apart from thousands of other companies throughout the region.Click this link for the online version of this publication.

Excerpts from the magazine: Here are the companies that are redefining what it means to be a great employer, using tools that go beyond compensation and standard benefits packages. For many, the common thread is employee satisfaction through empowerment and ownership. by Andrea Weed and Dennis Boone

Lawrence Memorial Hospital
Two levels of care, says CEO Gene Meyer, define Lawrence Memorial Hospital: One level is for patients. The other is for the employees who tend to those health needs. It’s comparatively easy to assess the way patients respond to care. To accurately assess employee satisfaction, the hospital distributes surveys each year, then devises plans to improve the work culture and benefits package based on that feedback. The numbers in employee satisfaction have been steadily increasing each year, which Meyer attributes to “adopting service excellence standards, which applies to treating associates well, each other well, and those that we serve well.” Those employees, he notes, serve the community they live in: “We see the people we serve at the local restaurants, the ballpark, the grocery store; our employees’ children play with our patients’ children, et cetera. We truly have a vested interest in our community.”

The hospital has implemented several health and wellness programs, such as yoga and Pilates classes, health tips in the monthly newsletter, FYI, and even the renovation of Sunflower Café, the kitchen and cafeteria. Comprehensive health plans, veterinary pet insurance and home and auto insurance at discounted rates, a full calendar of community education classes, programs, special events and support groups are part of the package. As is an associate assistance program that provides financial help in an emergency or any unforeseen circumstance through a care-fund created by donations from hospital associates. “We celebrate success and we show support to one another,” explains Meyer.

As to the management structure, “we use strong and active communication about changes and how it affects our individual organization,” he says. “We really work off of our values, interest in compassion for those around us, transparency and respect for the individual.” Listening to employee input and abiding by a set of values and morals has maintained an environment that inspires standards of behavior among employees and encourages them to always seek improvement, he said. Improvement in the workplace is also produced by the opportunity to participate in Fellowship LMH, a program that teaches leadership skills to select individuals who have demonstrated the drive and desire to be positive role models. Tuition reimbursement, continuing education classes and scholarship opportunities are also available through the hospital.

LMH Recognized as "2012 Best Companies to Work For"

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