Published on January 18, 2019

West campus rendering

Artist rendering of the LMH Health West Campus. It is anticipated the facility will be completed in late fall 2020.

Destination Health milestones come to fruition

By Amy Northrop, LMH Health

In early 2017, the LMH Health Board of Trustees approved a new strategic plan to map the hospital’s journey during the next three to seven years. As we enter year two of that plan, many of the great initiatives proposed from that early work now are coming to fruition. We’d like to share with you some of our progress, our next steps and our future endeavors as we continue on our purpose to be “A Partner for Lifelong Health.”

Each month, the LMH Health team and the Board of Trustees take a critical look at the progress, roadblocks and new opportunities that shape the way we provide health services, partner with community organizations and support everyone in healthy living decisions.

“Our strategic plan – also known as Destination Health – is a vital, dynamic document. No moss gathers on this stone,” said Russ Johnson, LMH Health President and CEO.

When the plan was developed in 2017, it included 49 milestones. During the past two years, 10 have been completed, including:

  • Expanded parking solutions for our staff which provided a great number of parking spots for our patients and visitors.
  • Assessment of our ability to provide trauma services, and certification as a Level 4 Trauma center.
  • Development of a branding strategy for our new name, LMH Health, and new logo.

Most milestones cannot be completed within one calendar year. For example, our LMH Health West campus, which is currently under construction near the northeast corner of Sixth Street and the South Lawrence Trafficway, is part of our Ambulatory Strategy milestone. We anticipate this facility will be completed by late fall 2020.

Other strategies adjust with new information or new developments within our community. Our Mental Health Plan milestone gained additional traction this year when Douglas County voters approved a quarter-cent sales tax to fund a behavioral health campus and to provide more mental health and addiction treatment services. We look forward to collaborating with community partners, including the Bert Nash Community Mental Health Center, Douglas County Commission and others, to deliver a wide range of mental health services for our community.

For 2019, we have identified 48 milestones to focus our work; 12 are new this year. Some are specific to our organization, such as development of an enhanced workplace safety plan. Unfortunately, workers in healthcare settings are four times more likely to be victims of violence than workers in private industry, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Another new milestone centers on strategies related to consumerism in healthcare. All of our milestones advance what our three strategic imperatives to support the purpose of our organization and to the health and well-being of our community.

“When we developed our strategic plan, we identified three long-term themes that would establish the foundation – the framework – for how we set our course over the next five to seven years,” Johnson said.

  • People First – We will make it easy for patients, families and consumers to access care when, where and how they want it.
  • Provider Engagement – We will cultivate strong value-based alliances with providers and create an outstanding practice environment that encourages physician leadership and collaboration.
  • Clinical Integration & Excellence – We will address the continuum of healthcare needs in an excellent, coordinated manner.

“These three ideas are integral to the health and success of our patients’ care and treatment, and they’re the underpinnings that support how we a make that successful care a reality,” Johnson said.

Members of the LMH Health Board of Trustees will vote on the 2019 strategic plan and the proposed milestones at their April 17 meeting.

Amy Northrop is director of strategic development & implementation for LMH Health. She can be reached at

Destination Health milestones come to fruition

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