Published on November 18, 2020

Board of Trustees express gratitude to LMH Health staff and healthcare workers

Dear LMH Health Colleagues, 

This morning at our Board meeting, our entire board expressed their support and admiration for the work that the staff is doing to care for this community. Our Board Chair, Bob Moody, shared a heartfelt message with the community expressing his appreciation and I wanted to share that message with all of you:

Bob Moody

Bob Moody, Chair

“These are some of the most stressful times any of us can recall. The concern of contracting COVID-19, the fear of our friends and families being afflicted with it, the impact of the pandemic on our society and employment and the recent election have all added to a stress we have never seen before. This stress has to manifest itself in many ways, but I am proud to note that it has not had a negative impact on healthcare in Lawrence.

Our providers, the staff and the administration of LMH Health worked and sacrifice selflessly to make certain their neighbors are not lacking in quality healthcare during this time. Those providing medical and nursing care, the employees running lab tests, those in radiology and those who make certain our facilities are free of contamination live and breathe this pandemic day and night. Many of these angels are working extra shifts and/or different shifts in different units than they normally do. They are part of why Douglas County has survived this crisis steadier than most of Kansas. Our infections disease doctors have outlined a clear path to a safer existence.

This stress does not go unnoticed. I know I can speak for the entire board in thanking each person involved in healthcare and wishing the stress will be relieved soon. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees except our continued and everlasting gratitude. This thank you seems like a shallow expression for all you do, but please understand it is heartfelt and sincere. We appreciate your commitment, flexibility and support for our patients and each other.

I encourage all to pay if forward and thank your neighbor, friend or family member involved in healthcare. The rewards are instantaneous. Please remember to be safe!

Finally, on a very personal note, we are now entering the holiday season which is known as a time for happiness, thanksgiving and most of all, family. This week, Patsy and I had “the talk” with our sons and their families. We explained that we did not want to jeopardize their health or ours having them home for the holidays. It was a tough call to make. Surprisingly, we could actually see their relief via Zoom as it became apparent to us that they were struggling with the same uncertainty and concern. Love can be shown and demonstrated through distance. We will see our family again…healthy and alive. I don’t want to tell people what to do over the holiday, but I am suggesting that perhaps the best gift you can give is a stress-free holiday and the opportunity to continue your love and life.”

I share Moody’s sentiments and thank all of you for your sacrifice, dedication and flexibility in these uncertain times. You make an important difference in our community.

With gratitude,

Russ Johnson
President & CEO


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Gratitude for LMH Health staff