Published on July 01, 2020

LMH Health and LEMA share lessons learned and move forward on contract negotiations

This evening, the Medical Executive Committee (MEC) of LMH Health invited the Board of Trustees, Administration and the administrator for Lawrence Emergency Medicine Associates (LEMA), Dr. Scott Robinson, to a special joint meeting to address how the hospital and LEMA will move forward in collaborative conversations surrounding the provision of physician services related to the emergency department and inpatient hospital-based care.

 Led by Dr. James Mandigo, Chief of Staff of LMH Health, members were welcomed for joining together to participate in open, transparent discussions on renewed contract discussions between the hospital and LEMA.

“My thanks to MEC for such a timely stepping in and suggesting that we have this conversation,” said Russ Johnson, President and CEO of LMH Health. “This has been hard on a lot of people and we missed the mark in some areas. But the affection for this community hospital and its med staff has been tremendous. I appreciate Dr. Robinson’s engagement – which he’s had the whole time – and I’m encouraged and optimistic about the way forward.”

During the discussion, MEC heard from Johnson and Dr. Robinson about lessons learned during previous negotiations that concluded in mid-June. A short time later, the hospital stopped negotiations with an outside entity to replace LEMA services for emergency physician and inpatient hospital-based care, and returned to the negotiating table with the longtime service provider.

“One of the things that we share across everyone in this room and with those on this call is the affection for this community, this hospital and its medical staff,” said Johnson. “In my 36 years working in community hospitals, this has been the best and most engaged medical staff I’ve worked with, and that absolutely and positively includes all the clinicians that work in our ED and as hospitalists.”

LMH Health and LEMA have signed a 90-day agreement to resume negotiations, and both committed to providing updates to MEC as discussions continue. Johnson and Dr. Robinson agreed that next steps include dialogue and follow through on open issues in a candid and thoughtful process.

“On behalf of our providers, I express our deepest gratitude to MEC, the medical staff and the entire community for your support,” said Dr. Robinson. “Russ and I have had very positive progress, and I’m encouraged that we will get things worked out. Both sides know where they need to get to.”

LMH Health and LEMA share lessons learned and move forward on contract negotiations

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