Give to the Help and Healing Fund at LMH Health Foundation

Help and Healing fund at LMH Health Foundation

Supporting our patients in need with the Help and Healing Fund

The path to wellness is unique for every patient. At LMH Health, the Help and Healing Fund is one way we are able to provide exceptional care for all members of our community.

In 2005, LMH Health Foundation established the Help and Healing Fund to provide medication or medical equipment for patients in need, following a hospital stay.

Because of donor support, the LMH Health Foundation has been able to expand the scope of the Help and Healing Fund even further, including patient needs related to food scarcity, transportation and medical supplies.

In 2020, the Help and Healing Fund provided assistance in more than 660 patient encounters, including:

  • Bus passes so a patient could attend doctor appointments and make a proper recovery
  • Healthy packs of food from Just Food for those expressing a hunger need
  • Specialized dressing supplies for a post-operative patient
  • Life-sustaining medication to support a patient during a crisis
  • Specialized medical equipment, including a scale that goes up to 700 pounds and speaks in several languages

Lori Strecker, director of Care Coordination at LMH Health, leads the hospital’s team of social workers and case managers. She says the fund is critical for their daily work in maximizing care and recovery for all patients.

“Our team is grateful for the Help and Healing Fund," Strecker said. "It helps remove some significant barriers to a patient’s recovery."

LMH Health physicians also see firsthand the positive effect of the Help and Healing Fund.

“It’s so important for patients to take the medications that we prescribe, and if they can’t afford their medications, they are obviously at risk,” said Dr. Marc Scarbrough. “I give to the Help and Healing Fund because my donation goes directly to patients in need.”

Interested in supporting the Help and Healing Fund?

For more information, contact the LMH Health Foundation at 785-505-5005.

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Story by Courtney Bernard

Courtney is the Development Coordinator for the LMH Health Foundation.