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Let us be your partner for lifelong health by being your partner in the fight against this awful virus.

We want to clear up the misinformation out there to keep you healthy and safe.

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Published on August 15, 2021

We love this community.
We love caring for you.

And because we love and care for you, we are asking everyone to please get vaccinated.

COVID and the delta variant continue to disrupt lives in the United States and Kansas, and here in our community too. Unfortunately, the virus also continues to end lives too soon.

We’re returning to high inpatient numbers the likes of which we haven’t seen since the beginning of the pandemic. These patients are sicker, younger, and most often are hospitalized unnecessarily because they are not vaccinated.

Our staff is overwhelmed.

We are tired.

We kindly ask those that are not vaccinated to help: Please do your part and get vaccinated.

In our lifetimes, we have made life-ending or life-changing diseases like polio and mumps nearly non-existent through safe, effective vaccines.

COVID and its delta variant are a vaccine-preventable disease. The vaccine is determined to be effective against Covid and is safe for persons 12 and older.

More than 50 professional healthcare societies and organizations have urged for vaccination against COVID to protect the safety of patients, staff and communities. Among our providers, 99% are vaccinated for your safety and ours, and so we can continue to provide the highest quality care that our community deserves.

The Medical Staff Officers of LMH Health

  • James Mandigo, MD
  • Jon Heeb, MD
  • Stephanie Schmidt, MD
  • Stuart Thomas, MD
  • Jason Kimball, MD
  • Mark Oertel, MD
  • James Huston, MD
  • Ashley Bloom, MD
  • Toni Pittman, MD
  • Mallory Martinez, MD
  • Jennifer Clair, MD
  • Martha Allen, MD
  • Emily Riggs, MD
  • Michael Thompson, MD
  • Justin Goodnight, MD
  • Richard Kuckelman, MD
  • Adam Goodyear, MD
  • Michele Bennett, MD
  • Jennifer Schrimsher, MD
  • Christopher Penn, MD
  • Christopher Brychel, MD