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Wound Healing Services

We are dedicated to helping you find solutions for wounds that resist traditional means of treatment and require advanced therapy. We offer a complete range of wound care patient services – from consultation to testing and treatment – and we are equipped with the latest in wound care diagnostic and treatment technology.


To provide a diagnosis and develop a specialized treatment plan, we evaluate your wound and look for other possible underlying medical factors. This may require additional tests, such as X-ray, MRI, CT scans, bone scans and biopsies, wound cultures, lab work or a doppler evaluation (ultrasound) of your pulse to determine if you have adequate blood flow to transport nutrients and medications to your wound. We will keep your primary provider or specialist informed, and we recommend that you continue regular visits with your doctor throughout the course of your treatment at the Wound Healing Center.

Wound Care Dressings and Debridement

Your wound type determines which dressings will create the correct environment for healing, and which type of treatment is best for you. Wound debridements are often necessary to remove dead tissue from the wound’s surface and stimulate the growth of healthy tissues for proper wound healing. There are several methods of debridement, and your LMH Wound Healing Center physician will determine the best method for your wound type.

Additionally, for diabetic foot and ankle wounds, offloading is an essential part of the treatment regimen. Offloading reduces pressure to the wound with special shoes or inserts, braces, casts, special mattresses and/or other modalities.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBO) is an advanced treatment that increases the oxygen level in body tissues to kill germs and promote healing. Inside a clear, closed chamber, HBO applies 100% oxygen to provide wound tissues with up to three times more oxygen, which stimulates new blood vessel formation, enhances the effectiveness of antibiotics, and preserves injured tissue or compromised skin flaps.

Transcutaneous Oxygen Monitoring

Transcutaneous Oxygen Monitoring (TcPO2) is a non-invasive test that measures how much oxygen is available to the wound. Using leads placed on the affected area, we can measure microcirculation to determine wound healing potential and whether or not ischemia is a concern. In addition to TcPO2 testing, we may order arterial duplex studies to evaluate you for large vessel disease. Depending on your results, we will provide a referral to a vascular specialist if appropriate.

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