Center for Rehabilitation

If you're recovering from an accident or a serious illness, turn to the Center for Rehabilitation at LMH Health for help. We provide superior medical care and rehabilitation services that return patients to the highest possible level of independence. Our compassionate and skilled team of doctors, nurses and therapists will tailor a program to help you achieve the best recovery possible.

Our dedication to our patients is evident:

  • 80% of our patients return to their homes after an average length of stay of only 11.7 days.
  • 99% of our patients say they would recommend the center to others.

Patient Services

At the Center for Rehabilitation, you'll receive a minimum of three hours of physical and occupational therapy every day, Monday through Friday, with additional services available on weekends if you need them. Our program includes:

Home Evaluations

It's our policy to conduct home evaluations, so we can assess the home environment and provide expert recommendations to promote independent living. Common recommendations include removal of architectural barriers, rearranging furniture to permit ease in passage, the addition of adaptive equipment, and general safety tips. These evaluations are an important part of providing a safe transition from hospital to home for our patients.

Home evaluations are scheduled with a case manager, physical therapist or occupational therapist, and they are conducted by either the physical or occupational therapist. Patients and their caregivers must be present during the evaluation.

Independence Day

Independence Day allows patients to demonstrate and practice skills learned in treatment during their inpatient rehab stay. It is generally planned for the day before discharge, so the patient will have a full day to practice assigned activities.

Independence Day may include several levels of activities, including self care, mobility, functionality, medication and discharge. Focus will be paid to those areas most pertinent to the individual patient's home activities and environment. Activities that the patient is not able to complete independently or safely are aggressively addressed through additional treatment and/or education.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physician Services

Our team includes a doctor who specializes in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. This doctor is involved in establishing general outcome goals and monitoring progress, as well as managing each patient's medical and rehabilitation needs while they are staying at the Center.

Rehabilitation Nursing

Rehabilitation nursing involves many activities. Rehab nurses monitor the status of each patient's medical conditions as well as treatment. They also reinforce the mobility and activities of daily living training taught by our physical therapists and occupational therapists. They monitor appropriate bowel and bladder function, help maintain skin integrity, monitor nutritional status, educate the patient and family regarding the medical condition, and assess each patient's ability to perform required medical and functional treatment regimens before discharge.

Rehabilitation Services

Rehabilitation services include individualized therapy sessions, personally designed for each patient after careful evaluation. Multiple types of physical therapy are available, including occupational therapy, physical therapy speech therapy and restorative therapy.

Case Management

Case management activities at our Center for Rehabilitation include:

  • Orientating the patient to the rehab unit
  • Providing education and supportive counseling to patients and their families
  • Guidance and referrals for community resources exploration
  • Discharge planning and facilitating all activities related to discharge planning
  • Patient advocacy
  • Insurance management services

Stroke Education

Starting Now is a collaborative educational effort with The American Stroke Association. Its purpose is to help individuals and families understand stroke and how to prevent recurrent stroke. This five-part series includes educational material, as well as instruction by a team of healthcare professionals. Program components include:

  • Facts and figures of stroke
  • Understanding changes and how stroke affects mobility and daily living
  • Learning how stroke affects communication, cognition and swallowing
  • Medical management and recurrent stroke prevention.
This program is offered at the Center for Rehabilitation on a regular basis and is open to the general public.

Therapeutic Passes

A therapeutic pass is a temporary leave of absence from the rehab program. It is designed to provide the patient and family an opportunity to practice skills outside the structured rehab unit. Therapeutic passes are an appropriate part of the rehab program and are available as a part of the patient's overall plan of care.

Family training must be completed prior to the initiation of a therapeutic pass. When required, the social worker will obtain approval from the patient's insurance company. Our rehab team will assess the patient's functioning in the community based on the patient and family's reports, and we will provide additional training or education based on patient need.

For more information, call 785-505-6470.