Emergency Medicine

Emergency Department

Simons Center for Emergency Medicine – the Emergency Department at LMH Health – is designed with our patients in mind. Staffed with highly skilled physicians, nurses, EMTs and social workers/case managers, we provide the emergency care you need, when you need it. In addition to emergency medical care of the highest quality, we proudly offer:

  • Convenient bedside registration
  • Advanced diagnostic and treatment technology
  • A clean facility and comfortable environment

Emergency Care

When you arrive at the Simons Center for Emergency Medicine, an EMT will provide first aid if needed, take your vital signs and assist with triaging your case. From there, you will receive care from nurses and physicians who are specially trained in emergency medicine. Your care team will monitor you, order tests and treat your condition. Once treatment has been administered, you may be released from the hospital, or if your condition warrants it, you may be admitted to the hospital. Patients experiencing heart attacks or other emergent heart problems will be treated quickly.

Social Work and Case Management

In addition to physicians, nurses and EMTs, our emergency department is home to dedicated social workers and case managers who specialize in working with emergency patients. They assist with needs of special populations, complete mental health screenings, help in cases of child or elderly abuse, and arrange for transfers and placements.

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