Providing Generations of Care

At LMH Health, we know our patients value their relationships with trusted nurses, doctors, certified nurse midwives and staff, and we provide personalized, one-to-one nursing care. You can count on us to provide knowledgeable, compassionate care.

Labor and Delivery Nurses

For you and your baby’s safety, our Labor and Delivery (L&D) nurses are certified in fetal monitoring and PROMPT. Every woman who delivers here gets personalized care from her own L&D nurse (we have a one-to-one nurse-patient ratio), and many of our patients have the same nurse for all their deliveries at LMH.

OB Nurses

After the birth of your new family member, you and your baby will be cared for by our trained team of Obstetric (OB) nurses. Our OB nurses are certified in Basic Life Support (BLS), Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP), STABLE and PROMPT.

Lactation Consultants

Our International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC) offer you support to ensure a positive and lasting breastfeeding experience. Certified Breastfeeding Educators (CBE) are also available to help with your infant’s nutritional needs. And, because hospitals play an important role in making the experience easier, LMH Health is also a proud participant in High 5 for Mom & Baby, a program that aims to improve breastfeeding success in Kansas through hospital care that supports nursing moms and babies. We are proud to say our new moms have a breastfeeding rate of 90 percent.

OB Technicians

In order to provide you with optimal care during delivery, the Family Birthing Center Care Team includes a trained staff of OB Technicians for additional nursing support.

Unit Secretary and Birth Clerk

The Family Birthing Center Team includes a secretary and a clerk who will assist you when you call to schedule your pre-admission appointment. They will also help you at the hospital when you complete and file your baby’s birth certificate.