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After Surgery

Enjoy a safe recovery and transition home after you have surgery at LHM Health in Lawrence, Kansas.

Immediately After Your Procedure

Once your surgery is over, you’ll recover as we monitor your health in the Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU). A PACU nurse will invite a family member to visit you. Your doctor will update you on the outcome of your surgery.

In the PACU

Trust the PACU team to monitor your health and vital signs, including blood pressure, temperature, oxygen levels, and heart rate.

Ask your nurse for a blanket or anything else you need to be comfortable. You’ll receive medication for pain and nausea if needed. Recovery time will vary depending on your condition. Depending on your health and the type of operation, you might stay overnight in the hospital or go home the same day.

If you’ll stay in the hospital, nurses will take you to a patient room where family and friends can visit you during visiting hours.

Before You Leave the Hospital

Your nurse will review your physician’s written home-care instructions with you and your caregiver. Let the nurse know if you don’t understand the instructions or have questions.

You’ll receive a telephone number to call if you have any concerns after leaving. Your doctor may also prescribe medication to manage pain or prevent infection.

Going Home

When it’s time for you to go home, ask a family member or friend for transportation.

A hospital nurse will call you at home after surgery to check your progress and address your questions or concerns.

Follow-Up Care

It’s important to follow your post-operation instructions, including making office appointments with your surgeon. Contact your surgeon’s office if you have questions or concerns after surgery.