Published on September 24, 2012

Walktober: Free Program Encourages Walking in October

As the weather cools down, Lawrence Memorial Hospital is teaming up with the Douglas County Health Improvement Project to encourage walking during October, National Walking Month. “Walktober” is a free program allows participants to walk on their own or with a group.

Walkers who attend one of three orientation sessions may sign up for October notices with information about health, nutrition, fitness and healthy eating. All skill levels are encouraged to participate. Those who complete the month’s walking goal will also receive a free gift.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, physical activity such as walking can help:

  • Reduce the risk of dying from coronary heart disease and of developing high blood pressure, colon cancer and diabetes.
  • Reduce blood pressure in some people with hypertension.
  • Maintain healthy bones, muscles and joints.
  • Reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression and fosters improvements in mood and feelings of well-being.
  • Control weight, develop lean muscle and reduce body fat.

There will be three Walktober orientation sessions. Orientation sessions will be held at Lawrence Memorial Hospital, 325 Maine St., on Monday, September 17, 6-7 pm; Saturday, September. 22, 9-10 a.m. or Wednesday, September 26, Noon-1 p.m.

What is Walktober®?
Walktober® is a national walking campaign designed to:
Boost walking and thus overall fitness. The Centers for Disease Control recommends that people get a minimum of 150 minutes a week of moderate intensity physical activity.

Inspire individuals to make walking or other fitness activities a priority – during October and beyond.

Foster a commitment by organizations and individuals to place a high value on supporting fitness and health for staff, members and self.

Why Walk in October?
October is an ideal time to start or renew a walking program; the temperatures are moderate and the colors spectacular. Vacations may be over and the holidays not yet arrived, making it a perfect time to get people into a regular walking routine to carry through the winter.

How Does Walktober® Work?
Walktober® is a 31 day program. Participants walk as often as they can - daily is recommended. They may walk as a group or on their own. Each keeps track of the minutes they walk by recording the steps/time/distance on a calendar or on the Get Moving website log. Individuals will set their own goals to increase their walking during the month. In addition, there will be e-mails sent three times a week or postal-mailed handouts available to Walktober site coordinators or individual participants. These have fitness, health, and nutrition tips plus healthy recipes. If you participated last year, these e-mails are all new for 2012!

Walktober® packets will include handout material that can be copied and shared plus suggestions of optional activities that can be implemented for groups. Packets will include a brochure with 31 one mile+ walks around Lawrence and the Douglas County area.

How Do I Sign Myself or My Group Up for Walktober®? 
You may either register as an individual participant, or a company or organization may sign up as a group. For more information, contact LMH Community Education at (785) 505-3066, the CHIP program at (785) 505-3070, or e-mail Aynsley Anderson.

Walktober: Free Program Encourages Walking in October

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